7 ways to build trust of customers


    Want customers to find you, you must first make them trust you. They need to have faith that your message is always accurate, if they have any problems, you will support them all. 1. Improve your security First, make sure…

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    The gauge evaluates the performance of employees


    Employee evaluation can be considered as one of the most important steps in an employee management process to be able to validate job completion, job suitability, From time to time, there is a reasonable bonus. This is an indispensable, indispensable…

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    eHotel continually conquered 2 fastidious customers


    EHotel PMS is a comprehensive, professional management software system for hotels / resorts based on thorough research on the skills and expertise of the hotel/resorts. The software system EHotel PMS is deployed with a staff of experienced experienced. Standing before…

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    72% of customers left the company because of a bad experience


    Strict requirements from customer Most businesses think their customer care campaign is very good, very perfect, but the results get almost the opposite. In fact, in the trend of consumers become the center, is considered god, customer service is not…

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    How Tech Will Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home


    Currently, the hospitality industry is extremely competitive, hotels / resorts will have to do everything to meet the requirements of guests. Here are the shining examples of using the latest technology in the world: Aria Resort & Casino in Las…

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    The resort won the international architecture award in Phu Quoc


    InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort & Residences has conquered council votes by convergence of 4 elements including application, sustainability, aesthetics and sophistication. InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort & Residences is a project located in Phu Quoc Marina tourist complex.…

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