eHotel PMS

Professional management software system for hotels, resorts

Professional management software system for hotels and resorts

1. What is eHotel PMS?
eHotel PMS is a comprehensive, professional management software system for hotels / resorts based on thorough research on the skills and expertise of the hotel/resorts.
PMS software system is designed according to international standards to best serve all clients from many countries around the world.

2. eHotel PMS offers many benefits for clients
– Manage booking status
– Booking management
– Online booking
– Manage income statement, customer etc.
– Calendar check out, check in etc.
-> Forecast revenue, future room productivity.
-> Reasonable business strategy.

3. Product Features

Professional management software system for hotels and resorts
Business management
– Create a company listing
– Create a guest list
– Create price contracts, booking contracts
– Set up commission policy
– Set up a discount policy
– Customer care
– Check business status

Booking Management
– Create booking information
– Update customer profile (Search if customer has ever been stayed in hotel)
– Receive / cancel deposit
– Cancel booking / charge
– Send reservation confirmation: Email, SMS
– Update guest’s request upon check-in.

Room management
– Check guest status
– Room status update
– View room status (damage, maintenance)
– Make plans, assign work assignments to employees
– Managing guest’s lost goods
– Guest notes: Minibar, laundry, compensation
– Manage import and export volume
– Management of equipment in the room

Reporting system
– Full reporting system, to meet the maximum requirements of the management level
– Report accurate metric updates, described by diagram
– Report analysis, detailed statistics and general for each department

Room management
– Integrate with other software
– Integrated locking system
– Operator: Automatic charge, alarm, etc.
– Integrated IPTV, movie, high quality music, order through TV
– Peripherals: Qcode scanner, 3M scanner for information from passport, card reader for information from bank card.

4. Modern deployment technology
– System features of the software are designed to international standards
– Enity Data Model technology for fast access and system security
– Multitasking software, easy to use interface
– Reporting system, analysis is accessed in many formats: Word, Excel, graph etc.
– The software is in multi-language format according to customer needs
– Online reservation module, housekeeping management, online minibar etc.
– Support interface for many other systems
– High confidentiality of hotel information, business etc.

5. Which businesses need to the eHotel PMS
All hotels / resorts / restaurants etc. which need to get modern management systems to work, to help improve business efficiency and reduce operating costs for the business.

6. The deployment team
The software system eHotel PMS is deployed with a staff of experienced experienced, we can customize the system according to the requirements of each hotel 4-5 star standards in the country and internationally.

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